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Local: Mission Eatery by Atelier KS
Courtesy Atelier KS


3111 24th Street
San Francisco
Tel: 415-655-3422
Designer: Atelier KS

San Francisco neighborhoods are famous for their eclectic variety of styles, histories, and energies. Taking full advantage of this is Atelier KS, designers of Local: Mission Eatery. Inserting the restaurant into the first floor of a 19th Century Victorian building and using a palette of salvaged historical materials, the craft of local artisans, and high tech new architectural products, they have created an astutely modern space.

The salvaged materials make sense in a restaurant that focuses on locally sourced foods. The storefront and a communal dining table inside feature salvaged Douglas fir found on site. Suspended wood ceilings were made out of material discovered during demolition. The restaurant’s tiled wall was made from local artist John Fischer’s screen prints pressed onto the wood of various local locations; and steel signage was made by local fabricator Matthew Granelli, with screen-printed wood inserts by Fischer.

For a touch of modern tech, the kitchen includes sleek zinc countertops, while a cantilevered shelving system is supported by custom steel straps.

Sam Lubell