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Adeline Adeline by Andrea Tognon Architecture
Whitney Cox

Adeline Adeline
147 Reade Street
New York, New York
Tel: 212-227-1150
Designer: Andrea Tognon Architecture

You won’t find racks of spandex at this new Tribeca bike shop, designed as an alternative to the sporty vibe at most Manhattan stores. Owner Julie Hirschfeld of graphic design firm Stiletto NYC had a fondness for chic, vintage-style bicycles, yet found few sources for women’s bikes in the city. She also wanted to create a space that would appeal to downtown cyclists—part fashion boutique, part art gallery. To keep her German Retrovelos, Italian Abicis, and Dutch Gazelles from cluttering the 1,300-square-foot store, Milan-based designer Andrea Tognon crafted a sculptural display system that wraps the staircase to the basement repair room, showcases books and accessories, and provides a platform for the candy-colored bikes. “Normally you would use the concept of parking,” Tognon said, “but we basically created a theater stage.” A yellow display shelf inspired by neon markers enlivens the counter, while behind it horizontal planks form a flexible shelving system for bells, helmets, and bags. Between these oak elements, a gray-toned wooden floor makes a tiny indoor test ride possible. The shop’s double title, by the way, honors the owner’s grandmothers—both named Adeline.

Rebecka Gordan