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Christian Louboutin, Los Angeles by 212box
Courtesy 310box

Christian Louboutin, Los Angeles
9040 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, California
Tel: 310-247-9300
Designer: 212box

A small, unassuming 1930s brick house on Robertson Boulevard gives little clue outside that it’s a portal to a world of fashion fantasy, apart from the signature scarlet awnings and a giant parrot (a Rose Bowl flea market find). But step through the forged iron gate subtly emblazoned with his name, and you’re immediately transported to the fabulous alternative reality of the iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Having designed 14 boutiques for the brand since 2004, New York firm 212box has mastered the language of Louboutin. True to the label’s image, the design plays with ideas of reflection and symmetry. The front room is anchored on one side by mirrored, arched display niches, which showcase distinctive shoes. A white-on-white tile wall bearing mysterious hieroglyphs graces the other side. The stairwell leading to the second story is clad in antique mirror panels, with a screen of Syrian handblown glass bubbles serving as a stair railing. A system of peek-a-boo shelving echoes the niche wall without being coy, while a secret VIP or bridal room lies hidden behind a sliding one-way mirror. Entry to the room is only by pressing an unseen button.  


Haily Zaki