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Letter From The Publisher
AN brings on the blog

I just returned from my first Venice architecture biennale from where I wrote my first blog post. Now I have been asked to write a Letter from the Publisher. I am not going to start writing regularly for the newspaper—there’s too much else to do to keep the business going—but the editors threw me a bone, and I felt like I had something to say about recent and future developments.

Over the past year, we’ve not only redesigned but added functionality to our website. I hope you have noticed the improved diary listings and the additional web-only stories that we post weekly. We are certainly gaining traction. We also stepped up our social networking capabilities and launched a blog: It’s about time, as the younger editors around here so often remind me. Until about two weeks ago, I never really paid blogs much mind, and then I became glued to Huffington Post and Mudflats following the antics of our current political circus.

Here at AN, we have had many conversations about how to blog; what’s appropriate to blog; how long a blog post should be; and what does a blog want to say? The young editors obviously have one set of ideas and the older set are catching on fast. In any case, our blog will reflect our “newspaper family” and our interests as your eyes and ears in the world of architecture. I think that what we do on a daily basis has interest that goes beyond these four walls on Murray Street, whether it’s a new product announcement, a press conference, a book, or a building. Of course, it’s big news when one of our own, namely Bill Menking, is named the commissioner of the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (see this issue’s feature) and our creative director, Martin Perrin, does all the graphics for the exhibition.

But we also think you might be interested in what we overheard at a party last night, or how that starchitect reacted when we cornered him at a Show & Tell. Whatever it is, we will get it out there, and serve you what you have come to expect from AN, only juicier. Our blog content will be fun and lighter in spirit than the newspaper or the news on the website, but it will be just as to the point. Now that we have the tools we are going to take advantage of all the many different ways to reach the architecture community. As many of you have told us, AN is the only architecture news you read and that you rely on us to provide not just news, but events and information that matters. So we plan to deliver from whatever media makes most sense to you, be it paper, website, or blog. So, keep reading; we’re coming to you 24/7.

Diana Darling