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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 14_09.07.2004
In This Issue:
  • Winning designs focus on views on Lower Manhattan
  • Public art brightens Athens during Olympics
  • New tenants know what they want, but does the LMDC?
  • Patron turned Columbus, Indiana, into an architectural hotbed
  • Advertisement
  • NY State Council for the Arts announces 2005 design grants
  • The latest dirt from our very own gossip columnist, Aric Chen.
  • NY state budget eliminates brownfield cleanup tax
  • Shigeru ban plants temporary studio on Pompidou roof
  • Advertisement
  • Sprawling and indistinct, Long Island City get a new graphic industry
  • Syracuse University launches arts journalism program
  • Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial reopens after bumpy opening months
  • Pension Fund aimed at providing security for artists
  • Small firms form alternative architecture softball league; seeks more teams