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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 04_05.16.2012_MW
In This Issue:
  • Two major stalled projects in Chicago lurch toward completion.
  • Alan G. Brake calls for balanced infrastructure in Chicago.
  • The City as Campus: Urbanism and Higher Education in Chicago by Sharon Haar.
  • A Chicago Top Chef pays special attention to wood and acoustics.
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  • Exhibition at Chicago's Art Institute brings the office outdoors.
  • SOM Chicago pleats the Beijing skyline.
  • Cincinnati plans for more streetcars while constructing its first route.
  • Trashing Modernism; Bye Bye Blair!
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  • Reconstruction of the Refuge Tonneau
  • Monica Ponce de Leon transforms the public spaces of a downtown New York hotel.
  • Aol wanted an energetic vibe for its new Palo Alto offices and design firm O+A delivered.
  • A townhouse in Greenwich Village provides a family with a refuge of elegant calm.