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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 03_04.18.2012_MW
In This Issue:
  • 360 Architecture design for communication and collaboration.
  • Site of preservation battle in Chicago prepped for redevelopment.
  • Alan G. Brake praises progressive urbanism in Cincinnati.
  • Planning framework for Bloomingdale Trail wrapping up in Chicago.
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  • An old freight elevator in Chicago has been transformed into a modern lounge space.
  • Paul Goldberger on Alexandra Lange's new book, Writing About Architecture.
  • Reconsidering placemaking in the age of globalization.
  • Did the Pritzker slight Wang Shu's wife, Lu Wenyu?
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  • Mill remnants define planned riverfront park in Minneapolis.
  • Schinkel in Berlin und Potsdam
  • Riverview Park Visitor Service Building
  • Seven to Save; Rush to Finish; Signs of Spring?
  • City issues RFP for Interstate 70 removal study.
  • University's classic stone campus is set for a bold waterfront addition.
  • Field Operations bests rivals to makeover public spaces at Chicago attraction.
  • Chicago establishing non-profit trust to upgrade transit and energy efficiency.