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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.18.2012
In This Issue:
  • Leers Weinzapfel brings design to often-forgotten infrastructure.
  • 21st-century archive aims to expand how we document the built environment.
  • Will today's mega-projects retain their glamour long enough to be built?
  • New Poe Park Visitor Center empty and vulnerable in the Bronx.
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  • Philly firm Onion Flats plans largest net-zero mixed-use development.
  • Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture by John Hill.
  • Our annual collection of the best of the East Coast fully published online.
  • Developer presents rearranged market extension to unenthused community.
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  • Eames: The Architect and the Painter explores the personalities of the classic design duo.
  • Columbia grad students propose a bold strategy to grow the island that might just work.
  • A Beaux-Arts porch transforms into an light-filled exhibition space.
  • Stringing up Maurizio Cattelan's work within the Guggenheim's rotunda took imagination and lots of 3D modeling.
  • New York's 7 line extension steams ahead.
  • Jeremy Barbour and Tacklebox use stacked newspaper and felt to create Aesop's New York outposts.