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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 18_11.02.2011
In This Issue:
  • A small, New York practice combines elegance with practical efficiency.
  • Famed art institute's campus re-imagined.
  • Joan Ockman on the essays of Detlef Mertins collected in Modernity Unbound.
  • New embassy guidelines prioritize design, somewhat.
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  • Julie V. Iovine weighs in on the change of guard at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  • Balmori completes 9-mile strip of greenway in New Haven.
  • Greek Orthodox Church back and forth and back.
  • Environmental review for Hudson Square brings mostly
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  • What does it mean when museums position themselves as engines of social change...powered by luxury car companies? Stephen Zacks considers new claims on the urban environment.
  • AIA DC sends a modern message with its new home.
  • Thomas de Monchaux considers Koolhaas' new architecture school at Cornell University.
  • D.I.R.T. Studio takes up residence in NYC.
  • Alternative culture hub plan for Domino Sugar factory comes into focus.
  • High on Metabolism, Rem talks about his latest book Project Japan.
  • Marimekko by IMA with Marimekko in Manhattan.
  • Ceci n'est pas une reverie: The Architecture of Stanley Tigerman at The Yale School of Architecture.