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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 16_10.05.2011
In This Issue:
  • New Design Trust director from NYC Cultural Affairs.
  • Grand openings come and go. AN talks to owners & architects of four celebrated efforts to see what stands out at least five years on.
  • Universal Design Studio creates new retail landscape for Mulberry in Soho.
  • This year's Solar Decathlon is off the beaten path in D.C.
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  • Dattner Grimshaw Bronx partnership yields model sustainable housing.
  • William Menking shares his highlights for Archtober.
  • NYU seeks to move DOT strips to parks, and build beneath.
  • Space for artists and activists gets boost from New York City & LMDC.
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  • St. Vincent's facility island to become a park.
  • Double-Edged Blogs; Window Dressing
  • David Chipperfield's glass pavilion for the London Design Festival is on view through October 16.
  • Times Square Glitz Fix; Up on the Roof; Brick Bats; Conversion Rate
  • Portland-based firm designs cultural projects across the continent.
  • Integrated Surface Treatments Add Longevity and Sustainability to Interiors
  • Soviet Modernism: 1955-1985 by Felix Novikov and Vladimir Belogolovsky.
  • Noah Chasin on two disparate tales of a single city.
  • Docomomo's Theodore Prudon goes to Roosevelt Island as part of National Tour Day where the lessons in quality housing are more resonant than ever.
  • The pavilion structure straddles two distinct structural systems.