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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 15_09.21.2011
In This Issue:
  • Julie V. Iovine reflects on Obama's jobs speech.
  • Michael Merrill investigates Kahn's architecture with his unbuilt Dominican Motherhouse.
  • Gaining public access to New York City's extensive industrial waterfront won't be easy.
  • Short project timelines force architects to keep pace.
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  • Utopie: Texts and Projects: 1967-1978 edited by Craig Buckley and Jean-Louis Violeau.
  • Hotel Americano by TEN Arquitectos with Arnaud Montigny.
  • The new director of MAK takes questions from Liane Lefaivre.
  • Artist Yukata Sone turned a village of Chinese artisans into urban topographers carving New York City out of marble.
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  • Maryland's answer to smart growth, pending approval.
  • The director of Helvetica and Objectified talks about his new film on cities, Urbanized.
  • Fabricators wrestle with realizing the landscape for a Zaha Hadid show.
  • MVVA's new athletic fields for Penn merge public with private.