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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 02_03.09.2011_MW
In This Issue:
  • Bi-coastal team to redesign stretch of the Minneapolis riverfront.
  • Country Club Plaza building nixed after community opposition, for now.
  • Louisville's new mayor okay's demolition of landmarked block
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  • New pedestrian bridge approved for the Windy City's Navy Pier blends bridge and highway infrastructure.
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  • iNG by R. Vari and Associates in Chicago.
  • Valerio Dewalt Train Associates and FGM Architects blend indoor and outdoor spaces with a green roof and glass, cantilevered porte-cochere
  • Mayor unveils incentives to lure police back to city homes.
  • Chicago loses population amid mixed regional census reports.
  • Display systems stay fresh with designs that adapt.
  • Water recycling standards grow less murky
  • Quinn tries to get all aboard; Bike buffer debut
  • Peter Eisenman and Michael Wang argue the case for lateness