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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 10_12.01.2010_CA
In This Issue:
  • Architect speaks out about Cal Poly plans to demolish his pivotal 1993 Classroom Lab Administration building
  • Leslie Williamson captures the artisanal qualities of modern architecture in her new tome
  • The original hands-on science museum gets a new, $220 million waterfront home
  • Despite claims to the contrary, Cargill's Saltworks development is not smart growth
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  • Masterplan for 150 acres along LA River still awaits funding, green light for new development and park space
  • Landmarking effort for midcentury property fails, allowing plans for a new library to move forward
  • Considerations on how to transform Los Angeles into a beautiful - and livable - model city
  • California ballot measures look good for architects
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  • Up-and-down billings index signals jittery recovery
  • Post-Conan Construction; MAK Smacked; Dysfunctional Cities Strike Again
  • A-Frame by Knibb Design
  • Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects creates playful new home for LA's design-forward affordable housing developer
  • A once-dilapidated Rudolf Schindler house is restored to fit a modern lifestyle
  • Patrick Tighe Architecture's West Hollywood design uses visual rhythm to create a sense of sophistication