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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 04_08.18.2010_MW
In This Issue:
  • Firm to make American debut with new Museum of Contemporary Art
  • As office retrofit expands, Julie Snow loses commission to 4240 Architecture
  • Illinois city goes green in a roundabout way, managing stormwater and fostering community
  • SOM's Peter Ruggiero wants architects to fight for a new age of infrastructure, with high-speed rail leading the way
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  • Cities across the region and country lavished with nearly $300 million in federal funds
  • Walmart clears Chicago council for Far South Side project, paving way for 180-acre development
  • Not Toeing the Tea-Party Line
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  • Secrets and Spies, Guzzle and Go, Correcting the Competition
  • Girl & The Goat by 555 International
  • SmithGroup
  • New wavy-roofed pavilion straddles Lincoln Park Zoo pond
  • Aaron Betsky strolls a new showcase of landscape art that looks an awful lot like architecture
  • Lang Lang Lang Goes Union Station, BoA's Big Credit Line at the Mall, Roses for Russell, Architect Floats Lakefront Plan