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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 07_04.21.2010
In This Issue:
  • Sejima and Nishizawa share this year's Pritzker Prize
  • Another deal struck for Ground Zero towers
  • Mayoral commission could rewrite land-use process in New York
  • Deborah Berke spruces up an East Village icon
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  • Editorial
  • Pulino's Bar & Pizzeria by Richard H. Lewis and Grayling Design
  • Before Subzero/Channeling Warhol/Farewell Feud
  • Museums retool expansions with homegrown talent
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  • Pathbreaking architect helped revive Washington
  • Historic Buffalo church spared in move to Georgia
  • Columbia builds a striking new structure by Steven Holl in Inwood
  • In Detail> The Villa-Libeskind Signature Series
  • Jean Nouvel creates a shimmering oasis in the desert
  • Village Triage?/Gowanus Archaeology/SHOP's Seaport Resurfaces
  • Urban Fabric