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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 06_04.07.2010
In This Issue:
  • Massimo Vignelli recalls his impeccable design partner
  • Lebbeus Woods recalls the inimitable New York architect
  • Maki's MIT Media Lab opens in Cambridge
  • NYC and state set deal for waterfront parks as one opens
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  • Preserving traces of segregation in the South
  • Congress explores designating the Hudson River Valley
  • Privately owned public spaces are part of a noble tradition of innovative planning in New York, but many of these slivers of public life are now threatened with privatization, warns William Menking.
  • Remembering Giorgini, Calling Rescue 1
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  • When the Ceilings Are Too High, Parts I and II; Rooting for Peter Aaron
  • The Mark Restaurant by Jacques Grange
  • Restoration work underway on famed Trenton Bath House
  • Latest round of design work kicks off for Moynihan Station
  • It's time to get smart about savvy rainwater management
  • William Rawn Associates with Arup and Josef Gartner
  • Nouvel Shrinking, Always on the Bright Side, Hudson Yards Hold-Up