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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 01_01.27.2010_CA
In This Issue:
  • Architects struggle with the tight schedules of low-income housing
  • Shortlist for major new Santa Monica park includes Gehry, Peter Walker, James Corner, and others

  • The new CityCenter in Las Vegas
  • Petaluma is test case for cities without planning departments
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  • Despite SF's recent efforts, 49ers still favoring Santa Clara
  • California's inability to get its finances together should be a wake-up call to architects to rally against business as usual. Sam Lubell offers some helpful tools for the fight.
  • Point Is the View
  • SF plans 7 towers around new Transbay Terminal
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  • Torch Bearers, You Wish, Greener Pastures, Ain't It Grand?
  • Chanel by Peter Marino Architect
  • SF's police headquarters ready to move to Mission Bay
  • W Hollywood opens with contributions by slew of LA firms
  • New Silicon Valley projects plug into innovative design
  • House of the Issue> Jeremy Levine Design
  • The USGBC co-founder talks about living with LEED, his sustainable home, and his latest green ventures
  • Hold On, Arch Record; Museum Musical Chairs; Broad's Dance Card; Shulman House for Sale; San Jose Gets Fresh