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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 11_06.17.2009
In This Issue:
  • Two star architects design pavilions to honor the 1909 Plan of Chicago
  • Chicago prepares to demolish a minor IIT building and a Gropius campus, too
  • SOM-designed observation platforms at the Sears Tower's skydeck allow visitors to walk on air
  • The worst may be over, just not for regional architects
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  • AIC's A&D design galleries now the nation's largest
  • ROOF at theWit by The Johnson Studio
  • Fast trains may come to the Midwest, but is the infrastructure in place?
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  • Wright-inspired house outside Columbus, Ohio threatened
  • Bike and pedestrian path links arts districts and greenways
  • Massive new project planned for historic St. Louis wards
  • St. Louis Cardinals build a softball field
  • Design professionals rush for accreditation before exam standards are raised
  • Chicago's Olympic bid emphasizes practicality over design