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Issue Archives IN THIS ISSUE 02_03.11.2009_CA
In This Issue:
  • Beverly Hills' new cultural center by Culver City-based SPF:architects
  • A planned mental health facility in Tucson aims for a more stress-free experience
  • Stimulus act's California impact still unknown
  • Gluckman Mayner out at SF Presidio
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  • With construction at a standstill, the future for struggling architects lies in the realm of preservation, renovation, adaptive reuse, and interiors. And it's the green way to go.
  • Goleta board balks at beach resort by John Pawson
  • Wyckoff Memorial Bridge
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  • Prolific photographer championed a half-century of LA architecture
  • The Urban Design Studio discusses pedestrian-friendly design guidelines, nurturing neighborhood character, and the future of the public realm.
  • Silver Lake architecture firm takes a walk on the swankier side of LA design
  • Morphosis' new Pasadena center is agreeably lively as a volume that looks as if it's falling to pieces.
  • In West Hollywood, Formosa 1140 reinterprets the public and private divide in Southern California
  • In the drive to take back pride of place in the contemporary home -- or even the corner bar or restaurant -- soot-free and portable fireplaces have become the latest in customizable furnishings