Archinect’s new “Dry Futures” competition takes aim at the future of California’s drought

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California – and much of the Western United States – is currently in the midst of a severe and unprecedented water crisis.The stakes couldn’t be higher: not only is California the most populous state in country, it is by far the largest agricultural producer. According to many experts, the drought in California correlates to both unsustainable human practices and the larger product of unsustainable human activity: climate change. With current responses largely amounting to “too-little-too-late,” the clock is ticking for California.

In response, Archinect is launching “Dry Futures”, a future-focused ideas competition seeking imaginative, pragmatic, idealist, or perhaps even dystopic, design proposals for the future of California’s drought. Water may very well end up being the determining issue of the next century, and architects, progenitors of the built environment, have a responsibility to act.

The competition launched on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. Submissions will be open until Tuesday, September 1, with jury deliberations taking place September 7 – 11. Winners will be announced on September 14.

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