Tile of Spain Wants to Take You On Vacation

Valencia, Spain (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Valencia, Spain (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)

Want a free trip to Europe? Tile of Spain has just the ticket, but you have to act fast.  The tile manufacturer is offering four architects and interior designers a chance to taste the local cuisine, see a few of the local sites, take in a tile trade show, and probably learn quite a bit about the offerings of Tile of Spain.  But hey, it’s a free trip right?  You just have to answer a few questions, but, hurry, the deadline’s tomorrow.

The trip takes place from Fenruary 4 to 12 and the rules are pretty straight forward. You must be an accredited architect or interior designer in the United States, have a keen interest in tile materiality, and be willing to take part in all the planned activities (all rules here). Here’s some of the itinerary from Tiles of Spain:

The first half of the trip includes exploring a region of Spain to immerse in the local culture, sample Spain’s world-famous culinary arts, see sites and attractions with architectural and design significance and to gain a general understanding and appreciation for Spain. The latter half of the trip will be spent attending Cevisama, the International Ceramic Tile and Bath Furnishings Show, factory and booth tours and a press conference. The Tile of Spain brand is jointly managed by the Trade Commission of Spain in Miami, FL and the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturer’s Association (ASCER) in Valencia, Spain.

You can enter and fill out the questionnaire at the Tile of Spain web site.

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