Chicago and New York Score Big Bucks for BRT

East Midwest

A preliminary design for a reworked 34th Street. (image: NYCDOT)

Chicago and New York have well developed mass transit systems, notable for their extensive subway and commuter rail networks. But it’s buses that are getting a big boost in both cities. Chicago will receive more than $35 million in federal grants for two planned rapid bus service projects, and New York is getting $18 million to rework 34th Street with segregated bus lanes.

In Chicago $24.6 million will go to fund a new downtown circulator, linking major transit and tourism hubs. The Central Area Transitway will connect Union Station to Navy Pier with several stops along the way. The would be extended to include the West Loop, the Museum Campus, and McCormick Place. $11 million will go to create express bus service on Jeffrey Boulevard from 103 Street and Story Avenue to Jefferson and Washington.

The 34th Street project in New York, which would included extended green lights for buses and segregated lanes along with wider medians for pedestrians, is expected speed up bus trips by 35%.

Another project we’ve been following, Cincinnati’s planned streetcar system, also got a $25 million boost. Here’s a complete list of selected selected from around the country.

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